Parabolic Jigging Rods

Our traditional Jersey Jigger Rods are available in several sizes. Each model is made standard with Vertus Ring-Lock Guides that offer excellent heat disapation, strength and durability. Offered with your choice of a split rear grip or full EVA grip . 

​Jersey Jigger Jigging Rods are available in sizes from 125g up to 600g. 

Our Jersey Jigger Custom Fishing Rods offer a model to fit all of your needs. From bottom fishing, back bay bucktailing, offshore jigging and live bait rods. No matter what style of fishing it is.... Jersey Jigger Rods has a model that will help you catch more fish! 

Starting at $235

Daytime Sword Rods /
Parabolic Deep Drop Rods

A newer concept for those who like to deep drop during daylight hours. The concept of catching smaller swordfish, sharks and other deep dwellers has opened up the need for a lighter, parabolic rod that can be matched with an electric reel.

This rod is built on a parabolic blank with a curved butt that is made for the rod holder or harness. Often paired with an electric reel, our "DD Rods" are made to stay lightweight, while offering the same power that our customers enjoy with our jigging rods.

Built using a roller tip, with heavy duty guides running down the rod blank, many anglers confuse this rod with an inshore trolling rod. Do not let the size fool you... this rod is capable of landing big fish, without using a bulky, over sized combo. 

Jersey Jigger JCT Rods:

- JCT Rod:

One of our most popular models. Our JCT Rod ( Jig - Chunk - Troll) allows the fisherman to replace up to 3 different rods with just 1 JCT Rod. We build this rod out on a parabolic jigging blank, while still keeping it safe for trolling with a nylon slick butt, aluminum gimbal & aluminum reel seat. A true "parabolic trolling rod" that will cut landing times in half!

The JCT is matched with smaller reels up to a 30lb class reel. The rod can be used to jig , chunk or troll. The Jersey Jigger JCT Rod has plenty of bigeye over 250lbs, sharks over 400lbs and tons of smaller tuna to their credit. The JCT is the perfect rod when lookng to eliminate multiple rods and find that one perfect rod for both charter boats and recreational boats alike.


Jersey Jigger Custom Rods

Our Jersey Jigger Rods are custom made right here in NJ. Each Jersey Jigger Rod is hand made by our staff, we do not outsource our rods to a mass production facility.

We have worked with our Pro Staff to design a variety of  rod models to cover everything from trout to giant tuna! Jersey Jigger Fishing Rods offer some of the strongest materials made today, while maintaining their lightweight and sensitivity. Our rods take advantage of a true parabolic action, while offering a faster recovery with our rod blank designs. This means the rod is fighting the fish, not the angler. Jersey Jigger Rods take the stress off of the angler and place it all on the fish. 

All of our rods are backed by our Lifetime Warranty against defect. 


Jersey Special - Hudson Canyon Rod

​Our Hudson / NE Special is our Jersey Jigger 325g model.  A favorite with both charter captains & recreational fishermen alike, this rod offers just enough power to land NJ yellowfin, longfin, wahoo and other species swimming off the Jersey Shore!  We keep this rod on the lighter side, to make it fun for the angler, while still enjoying faster landing times and less fatigue. 

Our Custom Jersey Special is the ideal jigging rod for Northeast anglers looking for reliability, power and fun!


Microwave Rods

The Microwave Guide System has been backing up its claims for the last 3 years now. We admit at first, we thought it may have been a novelty, but we quickly found that these guides do EVERYTHING they claim! 

The guide system eliminates line slap, removes slack & coils coming off your reel, provides more distance & accuracy and will allow you to throw lighter lure weights further than traditional guides. 

Available in Freshwater, Saltwater & Surf Rod sizes, we offer several rod models using this incredible Microwave Guide System. 

Ask us about our different rod models. If your local, stop by to throw these rods for yourself. Nothing is better than seeing the results for yourself! 

Popular for back bay bucktailing, surf fishing and throwing lures from the boat, we have a rod that will replace what your using today, 

Light Saltwater Models starting at $250

Jersey Tackle