Once you have a carpet within your property, you probably know the advantages and disadvantages that are related to this type of flooring already. Though carpet could need plenty of upkeep and maintenance, it could actually aid to insulate your property better, minimize the number of noise, and offer more comfy and plusher floor to step and walk on within your house. But, you also have to be careful to refrain from staining and spilling on it, and you must clean and vacuum your carpet regularly to make it look as good as new. However, how can you freshen up your old carpet without the need to replace your carpet? To know more, check out these helpful tips:

Shoes carry dirt

Remember that your shoes can carry all types of debris, mud, and dirt that can actually damage your carpet. Rather than walking all over your house with your outdoor shoes, you should utilize slippers or socks from now on if you want to minimize the number of pollutants that might get in your house, which can be stuck in your carpet.

Regular vacuuming should be done

To vacuum your carpet a couple of times every week is needed if you want to keep it refreshed and cleaned. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner can offer strong suction for the dirt particles and dust to be picked up, instead of moving them over. Moreover, vacuuming could aid eliminate allergens and it helps to improve its smell.

Refresh Carpets

Use baking soda if you want to further eliminate the unpleasant smell that comes from your carpet. You just need to sprinkle the baking soda on your home’s areas with carpets and allow it to sit for approximately 30 min. Then, vacuum your carpet after the time frame. This will make your carpet odor-free and clean. Some carpet deodorizers might just cover the smell, however, baking soda works to eliminate the smell.


Ultimately, deodorize and refresh your carpet by steam cleaning your carpets. Upon steam cleaning your floor, you don’t need to utilize detergent on it. Rather, you can just utilize hot water to steam it and it’ll go within your carpet to disinfect and clean it, leaving a refreshed smell.

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