UV Lures :

- UV is NOT the same as "glow in the dark". UV is another way to say "Ultra Violet", which can NOT be seen with the human eye, unless we use a black light or special light. 

- The best source of UV for the fisherman is our Sun. The sun's UV rays are the strongest source of UV we can get naturally while fishing.

-  Almost all fish reflect UV light. They use UV to communicate, hunt, breed & more. 

- UV Glow reflects UV light, it does not emit its own light source like glow in the dark lures do. 

- UV Lures work best in daylight, because they reflect the suns UV rays. The stronger the light, the stronger the "UV Glow"

Glow Lures / Glow In The Dark:

- Glow Lures emit their own light source, they do not reflect light. This is the main difference between Glow & UV Glow. 

- Glow Lures need to be charged up by a light source. UV light from the sun, or black light are great sources to charge up a glow lure. 

- Not all glow is equal! Cheaper Glow Lures will only glow for a minute or two. More expensive Glow Lures can glow for hours! 

- Glow Lures work in daylight too, not just at night. The deeper the lure goes, the darker the water gets. Glow works well in daylight too!

Fluorescent Lures:

- Often mislabeled as UV, this type of lure will become more enhanced under UV light such as sunlight. While it is not actually UV, many fishermen confuse a fluorescent lure with true UV lures.

- Remember UV stands for - Ultra Violet, which means the lure reflects UV color and takes on a Violet / Blueish type color.  A fluorescent lure will become more vibrant under UV light, but still remain the same color it is, such as green, yellow, orange, or whatever color it may be. 

- Fluorescent Lures do catch fish, but they are not true UV Lures.  ( you can take 2 different green lures, place them under a black light, you may notice 1 lure pops and becomes more enhanced, while the other does nothing extra at all. This will vary by manufacturer and is often a feature that happens by chance, not made intentionally ) 

UV Glow Lures / The Best Option:

- UV Glow Lures are a combination of both types of glow explained above! They reflect UV and also emit their own Glow  light source.

- When this combination is done properly, this is a very popular combination for most species of fish. You can not over power one over the other. It needs to be balanced. 

​- UV Glow Lures offer the fisherman the best of both worlds. Popular for tuna, wahoo, mahi, kingfish, white marlin, blue marlin and many other big game species. 

Day or Night?

- One of the biggest misunderstandings with glow lures is the belief that they only work at night.  Truth is, glow lures & UV Lures both work in daylight!   

- Glow Lures are always being charged during the day, even on a cloudy, rainy day ! UV Lures work best during the day, soaking up as much sunlight as you can throw at them.

- Once your lure gets about 4' below the surface, the glow effect begins to really work, making it stand out above normal lures. 

- Our customers are now enjoying the benefits of both Glow & UV Fishing Lures offered in our shop. 

We have spent several years working with local lure makers,  test after test, new design after new design, to bring our customers the very best in UV Glow & Glow Lures that work. 


TN-Tackle is one of the leading lure makers when it comes to UV Glow Lures. This lure maker has worked hard at finding the right balance between the two types of glow and producing fish for both professional & recreational captains alike. 

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Despite popular belief, "UV  Glow" & "Glow" are NOT THE SAME THING! The two types of so called GLOW are very different and should be used  in different situations. Working with a handful of lure makers for years now, we have tested every possible option and have found some hard evidence that both of them work... and work very well! 

Below we will explain the difference between the two and how to apply them so that you will benefit from each. 

Large selection of UV & Glow Lures

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If your new to the UV / Glow scene, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. When done right, NOTHING beats a lure that has UV & Glow properties......

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