Your carpet undergoes a lot of activity when you’ve got kids in your home. Everybody in the house is busy whenever school is back in session. This means that messes, stains, or spills might not be addressed right away. Even the smallest carpet cleaning Henderson efforts can help your carpet keep its appearance and shape.

Here are a couple of carpet maintenance tips for the back-to-school season:

Schedule a Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpeting, you might have excellent intentions about rules. However, as a parent, you will be busy. Even you could get lazy about following your own regulations. This makes it more difficult to enforce them on your children.

You have to schedule a carpet cleaning if you want to get yourself motivated about keeping your carpet clean throughout the back-to-school season. Everybody is off on a new foot if your carpeting is freshly clean to start the school year. In addition to that, it will be simpler to develop excellent habits for the school year and beyond.

Get Ready for the Inevitable

You know that your carpet will get dirty footprints on it at some point. That is why you need to have cleaning tools and products in hand so you can vacuum, rinse, blot, and more to deal with the soil, spot, or stain. Dealing with them right away or as soon as possible is one of the ideal ways to keep your carpet from absorbing stains.

Snack in the Kitchen

As a parent, you know how tiring school is for your kids. That is why as soon as they arrive from school, all they want to do is to chill in front of the television. Of course, your kids might also be hungry. Because of that, they usually eat while watching TV. However, you have to stop this. Your carpet will stay clean if you can contain eating to the kitchen only.

Be Proactive

You’ve got to ensure you utilize runners or area rugs to cover high-traffic carpet places if you know that your rule about no shoes on the carpet will not be followed. This minor effort will protect your carpet, keep your children moving, and stop you from being annoyed about footprints on the fibers of your carpet. You should also be proactive about your regulations of what school supplies are allowed on the carpet.

Set House Rules

Your carpet will need some tender, love, and care. Your children will be stepping in and out of your home, grabbing bags and books and food and jackets and equipment, every single day. It is quite a safe bet that nobody will remove their shoes while grabbing items that they forgot. Of course, your carpet will take a lot of damage from this behavior. Because of that, you should set a major house rule if you know that the traffic patterns of your kids include stomping over the clean carpet. You should not allow shoes on the carpet. Make sure you tell them about this. You can also set a punishment if someone does not follow it.